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Buy Merit Badges Online

Merit badges are as old as the Scouting program. Originally there were fourteen merit badges. By the 1920s they were several dozen and the number needed to earn the Eagle rank was twenty-one. That number holds today. The badges started out being embroidered on square tan cloth and have changed in today's badges which are round rolled edge fully embroidered badges with plastic backing. This one of the most extensive and exciting collecting areas of Scouting. Our recommendation is to start with the style you would have earned as a youth and then expand out from there. The collection guide from Fred Duersch is invaluable in this collecting area. Get started today at Boy Scout Store.

buy merit badges online

We will be adding more classes as they become available, please keep checking in to see what is new!Most Merit Badges are $10 each and will be taught via Zoom meetings with the instructor at the listed time. Thre are a few merit badges that will have a different fee associated with them. These classes are designed and are being hosted for all registered Scouts BSA youth from all councils, across the nation and abroad. No matter which council you are registered, you are invited to join us! All times are listed as Eastern Time. Typically, each class that is M/W or T/Th consists of 2 1-hour sessions, and the F or S classes are one 2-hour session. The Zoom invitiations will be sent out the weekend before the class begins. This will also include the email address of your instructor. There will be some extra homework needed to be done between the courses, and some merit badge may require you to work on projects before or after the class.

We are very excited to be offering virtual merit badges to scouts all over the world. We have seen scouts from ALL 50 states, DC and about 15 different Countries participate in our classes. This is because we have incredable instructors that are leaders in their industry and scouts have been able to learn more about new and unique career fields. We have seen an average class size between 20 and 25 scouts, and participation from over 95% of all council's. ALL of our instructors are registered with the Daniel Boone Council as approved Merit Badge Counselors.

I am working on my Eagle Scout rank for boy scouts. I have earned 22 merit badges, 12 of them required eagle ones. However, i don't have the actual badge for 4 of them, though i have the little green merit badge card.... Where can i buy the merit badges? I need basketry, small boat sailing, engineering, and environmental science. I heard that you don't have to have the actual badge if you have the green or blue card, but i want them to look good for my BOR and w/e. so, anyone know wherei can get these, especially ANYWHERE ONLINE!?!?!?!

About the only place online would be Ebay. Otherwise, you can call your local Council Scout Shop and explain that you need to buy some replacement merit badges and that you have your signed blue cards. Or, as the others suggested, ask that your Scoutmaster pick them up the next time he goes to buy awards. Getting replacements should not be a problem. Good luck.

What may be more important than you not having these Merit badges in hand is that your permanent record at you council may not be up to date. It would behoove any scout star and above to ask the staff at their council office to please print them up a copy of their record. This will show all your merit badges and ranks earned and the dates. The dates are actually most critical as well as certain requirements require tenure so you must make sure that your Star BOR is at least 4 months after your first class BOR as an example. Better to correct these now when there is plenty of time. You may not have the Merit badges because they have never been submitted on an advancement report and therefore never awarded to you in which case they will not be on your record. Alternatively you may find that you have several merit badges on your sash which don't show up on your report. This could be because your troop gave you the MB out of their stock and forgot to include it on an advancement report or a clerical or a name error. Name errors are very common with boys that use their middle name all registrations and therefore all advancement reports should have a full legal name. Be prepared applies to advancement as well know what is in your permanent record.

I agree that council advancement records are sometimes incorrect, but I don't agree, Scott, that scouts should be individually calling the council registrar to check on this. That should be the job of the troop advancement chair, or failing that, of the SM or maybe committee chair. I know that in my council, if every Star and Life scout started calling the registrar, she'd be flooded with calls and not very happy! Further, if this young man has the green cards that are usually awarded to a boy along with the actual merit badge itself, this is less likely to be a council record keeping issue and more likely to be either a troop issue (they never gave him the badge) or his own issue (he lost the badge). Council registrar can't help with that.

As usual, we devolve into pointing the righteous finger of indignation and giving advice and counsel where none was asked. The point is, the young man doesn't have the badges...for reasons that are irrelevant now. He asked a simple question, which was answered long ago. He just wants to buy replacements, and he can either ask his SM to pick them up or go to the scout shop himself and present proof of earning. Sheesh.

Well, if you earned these merit badges & you seem to have the documentation that you did earn them, it would seem to make sense to ask your SM instead of a post under a handle in a Scouting forum. Hope that helps explain my logic.

Not having the merit badges on your MB sash would be an excellent point to bring up to the committee members on your BOR. One of the responsibilities of the committee is to provide an advancement chair who should be aware of you issues.

Virtual Merit Badge University (VMBU) provides quality merit badge opportunities to young men and women in ScoutsBSA via small class experiences. Registering for VMBU means that your Scout has the opportunity to participate in class and complete the merit badge by working with the counselor- Scouts must still participate in class discussions, complete all work, and communicate with their counselor in order to finish the badge

Each merit badge has been assigned an ID number, which has been used in the BSA Advancement system, and now has been assigned an ID number for use with Scoutbook. Each merit badge pamphlet is assigned a 5 digit publication number which,. and a 5 or 6 digit inventory (SKU - Stock Keeping Unit) number to the booklet. The SKU number changes when a new edition is released. The publication number appears in the copyright statement typically on page 2, and below the UPC bar code on the back cover. The SKU appears on the back cover, above the UPC Code, and is used as the item number for ordering from In some cases, the publication number and SKU are the same, because no revisions have been made since the pamphlet was first issued.

For each merit badge currently available, the first table below shows (in alphabetical order) the ID Numbers, the most recent year that the requirements were changed or the year the badge was added to the requirements booklet, along with the BSA Publication Number, the current SKU number for the printed pamphlet and the SKU number for the "Digital Download" (E-book) copy of the pamphlet. In addition, for many of the merit badges, we have included the Copyright date for the current pamphlet.

The Requirements Revision Dates in the tables below reflect the year the revisions (or the requirements for a new badge) first appear in Scouts BSA Requirements, which is typically the year after the new or revised requirements appear in a new edition of the merit badge pamphlet.

After the first table is a list of the merit badges, arranged by year (from most recent to oldest) of the last revision to the requirements. Following that table is a similar list of those pamphlets for which we have verified the the copyright date of the current pamphlet.

To our knowledge, there is NOWHERE on the web where you can legally find FREE complete copies of merit badge pamphlets published by BSA (except for the Citizenship in Society merit badge which is available ONLY as a free PDF). The contents of all of the pamphlets are copyright by BSA, and they use the proceeds from the sale of the pamphlets to defray the cost of revising them periodically. If you do find a copy on line in PDF form, it was scanned and posted illegally. However, the merit badge pamphlets and many other BSA handbooks and guides are available for purchase as Kindle books,, and/or as Digital Download E-books from

Always check the current edition of Scouts BSA Requirements, or this site, when starting a merit badge, to be sure you have the most up to date requirements, as they may have changed since the pamphlet was printed.

Spanish versions of all 18 of the Eagle Required merit badges were published a number of years ago, but only six (Camping, Citizenship in the Community, Communication, Family Life, Hiking, and Personal Fitness) are currently listed on, and they are also available as Digital Download (E-book) editions. The pamphlet for Citizenship in Society is available in both English and Spanish as a free PDF file from As far as we know, the others are not currently available in print nor as Digital Downloads, and we do not know if the Spanish versions have been reissued to correspond with changes made to the current English versions.

Because of this, Scouting uniform costs are a bit higher than Cub Scout uniforms. However, unlike Cub Scouts, BSA Scouts are not required to buy new pieces of a uniform every year. Instead, we wear the same tan uniform and add patches and badges to it as we progress. 041b061a72


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