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Serato DJ Intro 1.1.1 Mac OS X Installer: How to Download and Use the Free DJ Software

If you use an older version of macOS (such as El Capitan) that supports EFI and you want to install OpenCore, you have to use the old installer and manually enable EFI in the setup. Restart your Mac when prompted.

Serato Dj Intro 111 Mac Os X Installer

If you are prompted to update to macOS Mojave during the OpenCore install, the installer will attempt to configure it's launchd startup files and then shut off. To avoid this issue, open the, set the default Launchd script option to disable, and then run the installer. The installer won't attempt to update the system software, but it will prompt you to restart when OpenCore isn't loaded. Doing so will remove the default OS from disk. After OpenCore is loaded, boot to the Mac OS and update the system using the GUI as normal.

The OpenCore defaults make OpenCore much more powerful. If you don't want to deal with the defaults, you can still uninstall the OpenCore application and the default startup scripts and then reinstall OpenCore with the default settings. There is also a hidden setting that can disable the OpenCore installer utility altogether. The default setting is OpenCore Installer. If you delete this setting the OpenCore installer will silently uninstall and there will be no confirmation.

OpenCore can, however, be used as a launcher instead of the built in Launchd to install OpenCore. This works flawlessly for booting into OpenCore, or the legacy macOS, but the OpenCore installer will silently update and boot Mac OS instead.

While OpenCore is working well, I have had luck with EFI installs of a major version of macOS. However, since version 10.9.5, the installers have stopped working, at least for me. I could not remove or disable the EFI boot option.


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