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SOFA THROWS [Extra Quality]

Merino wool makes this sofa throw oh-so-soft, meaning it's exactly what you need for long evenings snuggled up on the sofa. It features a cheerful mix of hues, including mauve, cream and dusty pink (with a touch of indigo).


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Cozy up to your interior with this throw. Their throws are useful any time of the year, regardless of your location. Keep one on your couch, chair, or bed for cozy nights by the fireside. Also great for chilly summer evenings on the porch or patio, or for a little picnic at your local park.

These versatile throws will be a great addition to a living room or bedroom. DII offers a wide variety of throws in different colors, patterns, and materials to ensure you find the perfect one to match your vision of a perfectly balanced interior. Their throws are useful any time of the year, keep warm in the fall and winter season and freshen up your rooms with a pop of color during Spring and Summer. Keep one on your couch, chair, or bed for cozy nights by the fireside or take outdoors for chilly summer evenings on the porch or patio, or for a little picnic at your local park.

Fit up to five on this sleek sectional sofa, the perfect addition to any den or living room ensemble. Wrapped in velvet upholstery, this sectional introduces a touch of texture to your interior design, while chromed metal legs round out this piece with a nod to contemporary style. Removable high-density foam cushions give this sectional its medium firmness.

Sofa throws come in a multitude of materials, and each goes with certain decorating schemes. To find throws sofas in your home match, consider the decor. A faux fur throw clashes with a Victorian theme yet completely complements a contemporary one. A cotton throw goes perfectly with an American country-themed bedroom but would look odd in a minimalist library. Consider the size of throw blanket for sofa you need. This depends on how you want to use it. You might want to cover the sofa with it, either by draping it over the back or by covering the sofa and tucking it in across the front and sides. You need one or two very large throws for this to equal the size of blankets on sofas without the thickness.

The method of manufacturing of these colorful throws blankets varies. Machine-made sofa throws typically have a secondary, backing material. This is especially true of faux fur throws. Other methods include handmade knitting and machine or hand weaving.Sofa throws vary in thickness from that of a light blanket to that of a thick comforter. How you want to use the throw influences what you purchase since thinner throws work better as sofa or furniture throws or covers.

Choosing the right sofa throw means matching your décor and room colors. Also, consider who will use the throw and how. You need a throw large enough for the job if you want to cover the back of a chair or hide where your cat scratched the sofa arm or where the puppy peed and although you cleaned it, it stained.

Whether you're a traveler, a dreamer or both, our knit couch throws add an element of wanderlust to your home. Soft, cozy, and always made in America, our sofa throws are inspired by the places near and far.

Upgrade an old sofa or protect the new couch with one of our fabulous sofa throws. Soft, warm and cosy like wool, yet made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, these stunning sofa throw blankets will transform any living room, snug, kitchen or deck.

Available in a big choice of vibrant colours for brightening up tired spaces, as well a range of neutral tones and Hamptons Style coastal blues, our machine washable sofa blankets are stain-resistant, hard-wearing and every bit as snuggly as wool.

Our living rooms are spaces that we tend to spend a lot of time in. Whether it's enjoying family time or snuggling up with a book on the sofa, it's important to make your living room a space that you enjoy spending time in.

But, what if you're looking to make your living room cosier or want to add a splash of colour? Throws and blankets can be a great way to do this. Even if you're happy with your sofa's comfort and style, adding a throw can give it a brand new look. Moreover, anyone who rents a furnished home, or is waiting to save up for new furniture, can bring a tired sofa to life instantly with a throw or blanket.

Throws and blankets double-up in value by giving you something warm to cuddle underneath during cold weather, too. In summer, they can simply be draped over sofas for an aesthetically-pleasing look, or tucked away in seagrass baskets kept next to your furniture.

Looking for a new throw or blanket but not sure where to start? Whether you're looking for something bright and vibrant or prefer a more neutral look, we've rounded up our favourite throws and blankets, including picks from our Good Housekeeping experts. Here are the best options you can buy...

For anyone on a mission to shop with small businesses, Maio Studio is owned by a female designer who puts the finer things at the forefront. This throw provides comfort and luxury for your living room, with its cotton-blend composition making it an extra-soft addition for any sofa. Affectionately nicknamed "Coco" by the founder after the famous Coco Chanel, its timeless design and colour invokes chic, Parisian-inspired homeware that is sure to elevate any home space.

This 100% wool design by Tom Lane is the ultimate option for snuggling up on the sofa. Made in Britain, it's ideal for anyone looking to shop locally and support smaller businesses. With its beige colour, it's perfect for fans of neutral interiors, or will sit well alongside any other colour in your living room. Its fringe detailing makes it ideal for hanging over sofas for a sophisticated look or for layering on top of other throws for a statement finish.

Green is having a moment in the homes and interiors world, with house plants and jungle prints inspiring forest-based looks. If you're looking for a green blanket for your sofa, this throw from Soak and Sleep is a favourite of Good Housekeeping's Homes and Garden Director, Carolyn Bailey. "I love that it's super-soft and easy on the eye," she says.

Sass and Belle is known for its fun interiors at affordable prices. We love the Triangles Block Print Throw, which combines geometric shapes and bohemian design to make a stylish addition to any sofa. The neutral and grey tones in this blanket will suit any living room, while the tassel-finish makes it perfect for draping over sofas for effortless style.

There is nothing that creates more comfort and warmth in the home than a beautiful throw or a decorative blanket. With our many throws and blankets, you can easily change the look and style of your interior design by bringing in new shapes and colours. Throws and blankets are especially good at keeping you warm on chilly days, when you are curling up together on the sofa or when you are relaxing in the good armchair. They spread both a sense of cosiness and act as markers for your unique décor style.

At ferm LIVING we do not compromise on quality, and that also applies to our blankets and throws. All our blankets and throws come in beautiful designs and durable materials that will last for many years. We stock rugs wall hangings, blankets for lounging in the living room and beautiful bedspreads that create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom. They can be mixed and matched according to your personal interior design andcan be placed in many different ways so that they interact with your other furnishings.

Decorating with throws can create a variety of looks on your sofa. You can cover the back corner of the sofa and let it drape on the seat or fold one over the arm of a couch. Using a throw on your sofa adds a layer of texture and warmth to the room that makes it Pinterest perfect! Bonus tip: use a fun pattern on a solid color sofa.

Are you looking for a carefree and welcoming look in your entrance? Decorating with throws is the way to go! Use a throw blanket on a bench and add a decorative pillow or two for a beautiful and inviting seating area.

Most people fold a blanket across the foot of the bed, but why not change it up? Draping your throw near the top of the bed and folding the duvet over it will give you an even more polished look. In fact, decorating with throws in the bedroom is so versatile! You can fold it horizontally at the foot of the bed, or use it as a bed runner. And for an extra cozy look, use a knitted throw.

Fashion designer Keren Craig went heavy on texture for the sofa in her reimagined farmhouse in upstate New York, loading up the backrests with a shiny tasseled Moroccan handira (known as a wedding blanket). An embroidered burgundy textile gives the celebratory pieces a down-to-earth spin. Cabin vibes, but with a little glitz.

More than just a cozy extra layer, Mink fleece throw blankets are perfect for rounding out any room with a decorative touch. This throw is very soft and versatile for use as the throw over the bed. Soft throws come with supersonic characteristics and use. Super soft plain fleece luxury throws are the custodian of easiness in the so-no-hassle-ways of dealing with situations. Also, when added to the home or precisely to the rooms, it adds value without any disruption.

Upgrade your room in an instant with our decorative quilted pin sonic bedspread from our interior throws range. Take your pick from the choice of striking colours, a perfect way to give your room a fresh look. The detailed pattern material makes this the perfect blanket to snuggle up to, and the modern colours add a vibrant and decorative feel to any room. Its multi-purpose use allows for traveling, glamping, or camping as it can be easily rolled up and stored in a bag or in the car. Never be cold again when you snuggle up to this blanket. Size 125cm x 150cm. Machine Washable.

This luxurious soft teased wool-style throw blanket is ideal for use as a throw over furniture such as couches, beds, and sofa beds. A versatile range of colours adds a decorative feel to any room whilst also helping you to keep exceptionally warm on those chilly nights. Its multi-purpose use allows for traveling, glamping, or camping as it can be easily rolled up and stored in a bag or in the car. Never be cold again when you snuggle up to this blanket. Size 125cm x 150cm. Hand Washes only. 041b061a72


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